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Trade in your used Garmin Products for new or used Garmin Products.

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*At the moment, we do not accept any lights.

What We Look For:

Acceptable Systems: all working Garmin handhelds & collars. 

Non Acceptable Systems: non-working handhelds & collars. Tri-Tronics Systems. "Beep Beep" collars.

Broken Systems: We do not take in anything broken. We will still look at your equipment to see if we can find out what is broken. If we cannot determine why your equipment is not operating, we will not be interested in making trades with that equipment. We can dispose of any broken equipment for free; however, if you wish to have the broken equipment returned. You must be responsible for paying for the shipping of that piece of equipment. 

All Around Conditions: We understand that all used equipment will have scuffs and marks. However, the around condition determines the outcome of your trade-in value. Look over the information below to see what we look for in all used equipment.

Collar Damage: Scuffs will not reduce your trade-in value. That is something that no one can avoid and is very common. Several small teeth marks on the collar that raise no concern will be okay and not hurt your trade-in value. Giant teeth marks that punch through the collar that shows the collar's internals or affects the collar's appearance will result in the collar being deemed 'broken." Minor gnawing is familiar and will not affect your trade-in value. Major gnawing that has affected the collar's appearance and plastic off the collar will be deemed "broken."  

Handheld Damage: Bite marks or gnawing on a handheld will hurt the overall trade-in value. Any damage to a handhelds GPS antenna, charging port, and casing will be deemed "broken." Any screen damage will be deemed "broken."

Carvings, Markings, Paint: If you have carved, melted, or scratched your name, phone number, or anything that cannot be removed on a collar or handheld will hurt your trade-in value majorly. If we can remove the markings, the trade-in value will not be affected. Anything painted that can come off easily will not hurt your trade-in value. Enormous carvings, markings, and excessively amount of paint on equipment will hurt the trade-in value or be deemed "broken." 

Dry Rot: Any dry rot that separates two parts of the strap, exposes the GPS locator wire, or covers large areas of the strap with cracks will be deemed "broken." If there is tape over the straps, we will still consider it "broken."

Missing Chargers, Antennas, Straps: Any missing chargers, antennas, and straps will hurt your trade-in value.

Download the Trade-In Application:

Shipping: Send all of your trade-in equipment with your trade-in application to the correct shipping address that we provide in the application. Upon the arrival of your trade-in request, we will look over your equipment, contact you, and finalize the quote based on the condition of your equipment. If any payment is due, we will take payment at that time. Then we will package up your new equipment and send it to you. 

Process will go faster if: 

  • trade-in application is with your equipment and filled out.

  • let us know if there are equipment not working. 

  • charge up all the equipment and send in the chargers.

  • clean your equipment. Muddy or skunked equipment will not be accepted. 

Trade-ins should be sent to: PO Box 1052, Green Sulphur Springs, WV 25966. Please call 304-466-5569 if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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